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The National Council s the committee of management of the National Association.  It is made up of two delegates appointed from each member Association plus the five member National Executive.  The Council meets twice yearly, usually in Canberra and is opened by guest speakers including Government Ministers and heads of Departments.

The members of the 2021 National Council are:

  Ron Brandy

National President


National Vice President

  Noel Moulder

National Secretary

  Richard Tregear

National Treasurer

  Allen Callaghan

National Media Officer

  Earle Jennings AM RFD ED

Immediate Past President

  Tony Stevenson

QLD State Branch Administration Officer

  Neal Freier

QLD State Branch Treasurer

  Barry O'Keefe

NSW Branch President

  Norm Mallard

NSW Branch Secretary

  John Faunt

ACT Branch President

  Gary Hand

ACT Branch Delegate

  Robert McIvor

VIC State Branch President

  Bernie Connelly

VIC State Branch Vice President

  Barry Presgrave OAM JP LFAIES

SA State Branch President

  John Thorne

SA State Branch Vice President

  Barry Sonter

TAS State Branch President

  Neville Pulford

TAS State Branch Secretary

  James Duquemine

WA State Branch President

  Stuart Fairbairn

WA State Branch Secretary

  Ron Strachan

NT Branch President

  Mike Lane

NT Branch Treasurer

  Frank Miller

O.T.U. Association President

  Bernie Gleeson

O.T.U. Association Secretary



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